Why choose Bristol for your internship?

Bristol is a cosmopolitan, vibrant and exciting city in the South West of England. Considered one of the UK’s leading cities it is top of current UK trend. Bristol has played a vital role in UK commerce and trade, ever since the first sugar and tobacco arrived in the UK. It remains one of the largest commercial ports in Europe. It is home to both small and medium enterprise businesses, a thriving media and television industry, and a centre of aeronautics.
We know Bristol, the tourist highlights that everyone wants to see and the lesser known, well-kept secrets of this beautiful city. We can recommend restaurants, museums, theatres, music events, festivals, nights out, night in to suit every budget and taste.

Also we can arrange excursions and experiences for you within Bristol and around the rest of the UK during your stay in the UK.
Planes, trains and automobiles; bikes or buses; travel to and from Bristol; trips and excursions around the UK – you name it, we will arrange it for you!

​Award-winning Bristol airport is well connected to many European cities with more exciting new additions joining the list all the time. Famous for its worldwide punctuality, Bristol is proud to have the most flights arriving and departing on time. It’s a small but super efficient airport with good facilities. The excellent Bristol Flyer bus service takes you right to heart of the city, just a short journey away.

Once you arrive in Bristol, you will be met by your Host or a B.I.G. rep. Your B.I.G. contact will make sure you know how best to get around your new home area in Bristol. We will discuss buses and routes from your Homestay to your place of work. Some Hosts are able to let you borrow bikes or you may wish to hire or even buy a bike from the local student network offering good deals for those on longer duration internships.

B.I.G. interns benefit from a round-the-clock personal service like no other. We ensure our people feel safe and never alone or lost. That’s the B.I.G. difference