B.I.G. testimonials

Just some of our amazing feedback



My name is Benedikt, I am 16 years old and I came to Bristol for 3 Weeks. In the first week I went to the BLC Language School which was very good to get used to the English language and the Bristolian accent. In the second week I started my Internship at the Bloodhound Project. I did some office work but also some things on the Bloodhound Car itself, which was very cool! And in the third and last week I worked on the Matthew ship which was even better than at Bloodhound because I spoke to a lot of new and different people and went with the Matthew out into the harbour for a few trips that lasted about 2 hours each. However, I also enjoyed the time when l wasn’t working. I really liked the place where I was staying for the 3 weeks. The people there were very kind and nice and the time passed so quickly…. I could have stayed for another 3 weeks! Anyway, I go home taking a lot of new and great experiences with me. And of course I hope that my English has got better over these 3 weeks.



Hello, my name is Nicole. I am from South Tirol, Italy. I decided to look for a placement in Bristol because I love to visit new cities and I needed to gain work experience, so I could do both at once. It was a great experience for me, I met a lot of new people with whom I will stay in touch. I saw a lot of the city. Bristol is a very beautiful and safe city and the people are very nice, helpful and friendly. I learned a lot about Bristol at my work in the Tourist Information Centre. I could also practice my English. My colleagues were very kind to me and they gave me help whenever I needed it. I lived in a nice place, not far from the city centre. My hosts were very nice and we had a lot of fun. They cooked really good food, dinner was always a pleasure. I had an amazing time here and I will do it again for sure.



My name is Anna. I live near Stuttgart in Germany. I spent 7 weeks in Bristol in the summer of 2016. I did two weeks of language course and 5 weeks internship. I am studying International Business and I needed a semester abroad for my graduation. It’s about “cut your teeth” in a work environment and getting experience. I chose Bristol because a friend of mine had been in Bristol the year before and she recommended that I go because she had such a great time. When I arrived in Bristol I had a very warm welcome from my host mum and I felt in love with beautiful Bristol right from the beginning. Bristol has so much to offer and there is always something to do and you will never get bored. I couldn’t imagine a better ambience for a semester abroad. At the beginning I went to language school. Time there passed so fast and I really enjoyed meeting so many different people with different backgrounds. I made a lot of new friends and we had lot of fun together while we improved our English. During my internship I worked for the tourist board. I shared my time between the marketing department and the Tourist Information Centre at Harbourside.



My name is Léo, I’m 29 and I’m from France. I have been living in Bristol for 3 months. I went to Bristol to improve my English and visit the UK. At the beginning, I didn’t know a lot of words, mainly : “Yes”, “No”, “Can you repeat please ?” Now, I’ve finished my pre-intermediate class and have visited a lot of famous places. I got lost in beautiful places in the first few weeks. Like this, I got to know this marvellous city. My hosts were here to give me all the information I needed or just to talk with me. That was amazing and I quickly improved and felt more confident. Everyone in my host accommodation has been so friendly. I will really miss them.



Hello, my name is Emma, I am 16 years old and I have been in Bristol for 4 weeks. At first I went to the language school for one week and then I worked for the company Bloodhound for 3 weeks. I was involved in many different application areas and gained a lot of experience there, which was exactly what I wanted. During my time in Bristol I lived with great Hosts and a lot of other people in a huge house in Redland. I really enjoyed my stay there and I am glad that I met such lovely people.



AMAZING EXPERIENCE After all the paperwork was done, the flights were safely booked and the suitcase packed I was ready to jump on the plane. Of to an adventure, a journey and an amazing experience I will never ever forget. Now there were 4 weeks I will work and live in Bristol. And truly, a dream came true. On my first day I was insanely excited – obviously.But the second I entered the Aardman Studios and met my boss all the nervousness was gone. But then it was time to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to a beautiful city that became like a second home for me. A goodbye to the most amazing people I’ve ever met: Joe, Nina, Safia, Sameep, Ian, Brandan, Matt, James, “JoJo”, Francesca, Malva (I hope that is spelled right), Pete, Karyn, Jack and Holly. They will always be in my heart and I think I don’t have to tell them that there were tears when the time came to say goodbye. Thank you for this amazing, beautiful and most exciting time. And also big thanks to the Bristol Intern Group (B.I.G.), IHK in Germany and my company in Germany for this opportunity.



I’m Laura, I’m 28 and I’ve been working in Bristol since January 2013, when I arrived to fulfil a 6 month internship. The university that organised my internship programme put me in touch with Bristol Intern Group to help find a company to match my interests and experience.I arrived then in Bristol with an agreement signed with an event production company and the idea of staying a couple of weeks. All this time my hosts, my colleagues and people in Bristol have been so helpful and friendly I couldn’t imagine a better ambience for improving your English. I recommend you live in a house with native English speakers – you can find students and other people elsewhere so, on top of practising your speaking at home, you can meet different people with different backgrounds which makes the experience much more interesting! You will also have the opportunity to get to know Bristol, a city that has so much to offer. Concerts, festivals, theatre… there is always something to do and something new to discover. There are many activities, especially for young people so after a day out you can come back home with lots of new friends. Overall, it’s an experience you will never forget!



This internship will help me a lot in my future since I plan to become an international architect later and it is very helpful to have gained this work experience abroad now already on one hand for myself but also for my future employers so they are more willing to employ me abroad when they see that I already have this experience. I will also probably go back to dhva after my apprenticeship to use the time between the end of my apprenticeship and the start of my studies, so, B.I.G. thank you so much for making this connection between me and this great office with great people and this great city of Bristol! All in all, one can say that I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone who wants to make more out of their (work) life. It’s so enriching, you get to know new people, new cultures and gain so much necessary life experience, additionally you are also doing something good for your career!



After completing her apprenticeship in Germany, Frances Drose took part in a mobility programme to travel to Bristol for a one month internship. Here’s what she had to say about the experience… In the case of problems or questions, I was able to report to the responsible project managers at any time, either in Germany or to Anna Goddard in Bristol, Director of Bristol Intern Group (B.I.G.) who arranged the internship and my accommodation. The two were very helpful and always supported me. After a month I flew home with many wonderful memories. The farewell to my host family, my colleagues and my new friends was difficult. The city and its people have grown very dear to me in this month. I have not only developed linguistically as well as professionally and gained important experiences, but also personally. I can only recommend this project to every trainee and every instructor. It is a unique and amazing experience and to this day I am grateful for all I experienced in this month. I would do it again at any time.